This life was not moving very subtle way that no souls were in it has been brought back by the end of the year.

During this god still teach the same thing four years ago, why did it I still can not understand. Why was so heavy, if I understand the difficult, or my friend too smart, or I was too stupid to understand simple things.

Sometimes I see hate the people around me, I look happy when they are so troubled and confused. But actually many things I want to say, I want to tell. Why is it so difficult. To understand ourselves just difficult. Here I am.

But now I began to learn to understand myself, understand the people around me. Although they unknowingly made me suffer. When I started to change yourself, look no discomfort in my friend, but so be it. You could say I should feel better for myself. Seteleh what they often do, are often meaningless.

Happy new year 2010.
I came with a lot better.