Have you ever seen Al gore or Steve Jobs  presentation ? What do you think ? Yes, great, look so professional, and very good. Now, I want to invite you to see what made their presentation so good. Seen from many factors.

Look when Al Gore presentation about climate change, he used cartoon in his slide for express his ideas, with good animation. He also used graph with litle words. Because listeners very difficult and to like read graph and long word, so make it easy to understand. Write words in points, it will show the main point to audience and no more than four point with short sentence in each point. He also combine his presentataion with movie, pictures to show the facts on the ground.

The presenter very energetic so that makes the audience more attracted to his presentasion.

How about steve jobs ? He also do almost the same. His presentation for Macbook Air. Look, his slide so good, simple, and easy to understand by the audience.

So, how about you, can you be good presenter in your presenation?