Yeah, Have a look this a three layer of burger and we will to make it.


Big Mac Burger

I have very simpe recipe to make it. Oke, check this out !!!

Bahan-bahan or ingredient :

  1. 3 Patties ( I called it, dry bread ~ahaaaaa~ )

    Dry Bread

  2. 1 Cucumber (or in English you can called it, Timun, broo)
  3. Cucumber

  4. Lettuce (or you also called it by Selada)
  5. Lettuce

  6. Tomato


  7. Fresh meat yang this one, entah diapain, digoreng kali ya. Tapi for now kita pake telur mata sapi aja yak.
  8. “Sunny side up” Fried Egg (I called it Telur Mata Sapi briefly…)
  9. Chili Sauce

    Chili Sauce




How to make it. Oke, following me, please :

Step one :

  1. Cuci bersih timun, selada, dan tomat (bersihh lhoo


  2. Trus di iris” deh (suka-sukamu lah, mau model macam apa…)
  3. Okeh, sisihkan.

Step two :

  1. Put first patty in a plate (baca : taroh rotinya di pereng)
  2. Then, put slices of lettuce, then “Sunny side up” fried egg, the cucumber on it, give chili-sauce
  3. Ok then put second patty.
  4. Lettuce again,,then if you wanna you can put a meat on it, but for now I just put “Sunny side up” fried egg again, then slices..toooomaatooooessss…
  5. Dont forget chilis-sauces up it, then put for last patty.

Jeeeng-jeng-jeng-jeeeeng,,,,,We just have finished to make….3 patties-burgeeerrr…..Yheeey. Enjoooy it..!! Although its its a bit strange ~hehe~.

Hope you like this..Buubaaaa.