It is something new and actually I don’t know when it has been starting, but now WordPress is using visitors action notification. Of course it is very usefull for me and also for other users who using wordpress for blogging.

So we can be know, when other people comments, likes, or follows our blog. And I just see it just morning. And whooow do you can imagine what should I have to do when I want to see is there a comment for my blog? Haha. I should refresh my blog manually, or I check my email (but, rarely I do it) Too lazy.  Haha. Okey. Here is wordpress with notification plugin.

Wordpress Dashboard With Notification. Gawat draftku kliatan.

Expand The Notofication

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Basa sunda aja yah. Tau gak lo. Ternyata ternyata ternyata. Until today, ternyata notificationnya just only for new likers and followers aja. Dan pas mas Yusuf comment nothing new notification allert. Lempeng-lempeng aja gitu notificationnya, lagi makan batagor kayaknya dia. Sabarr. Sabaaarrr. Saabbbaaaaaar….

‘Afifah Ghaisani