On My Board

Every Ahad, I am going to Arabic languages courses. And in Saturday night, usually I am repeat and do exercises also do my home work.

Its very fun. Like a school anymore. I come to my teacher’s home, then I hear her explanation, then we do exercises, and in the end of lesson we get some homework. Such a fun thing to do with kids! Hehehehe.

And actually this was done when me on childhood. But, yaaa never  mind it. It is never too late to learn.
I learn the lessons of elementary school children when I became a student in college. It’s kind a funny thing, right?
I am ashamed, but once again It is never too late to learn, isn’t it ? D
Ngerti kan, aku ngomong apa?
Ngerti ga…
Ngerti ya..
Ngerti dong.