It took me a few seconds, but then I got the hang of it. F124NKLY 5P34K1N6?? It’s a good example of a Brain Study. If you can read this you have a strong mind. Cobain deh:

P354N 1N1
841-1W4 074K K174
8154 1113L4KUK4N
1-14L Y6 LU412 81454

P4D4 4W4LNY4
7312454 5UK412
74P1 5373L41-1
54111P41 D1841215 1N1
P1K1124N K174 8154
53C4124 0701114715
74NP4 8312P1K112
841-1W4 K174
111311184C4 4N6K4.

84N664L41-1! K4123N4
1-14NY4 0124N6-0124N6
731273NTU Y4N6 8154
111311184C4 P35AN 1N1.

PL3453 4N5W312 1F
U C4N 1234D 71-115

(copas from konsul dokter).
Yang bisa baca tulisan di atas manaaaa suaraaanyaaaa….?!!!!

1-13Y NG312454 G4KK, K3N4P4 4 841-14NY4 J4D1 4L4Y B3G1N1 Y41-1..H3H3H3…